We All Love The Things That Hate Us Most.

We all wanna know what to do in this world when it seems there's nothing left..

& we dream just to dream but we don't know exactly how to get there yet

Well.. I take that back.

I think Blake has good potential to be something close of what I am looking for. He’s always had a thing about him.. And if he can still be willing to put up with me now, & after what we’ve been through.. Yeah dude. Who am I kidding, that’s the last thing I should realistically be thinking about right now. Lol relationships.. Lord knows I’m incapable these days. Need a vacation for my heart that’s been walked on for months on end.. Hope and faith, man. Hope and faith. Maybe one day it will all work out, maybe not today, nor tomorrow or next month.. But I gotta believe in something


To be honest, I do not want one specific person that I know. I do not want Charlie, and I do not want Blake. I do not want Cody, nor would I ever think of going back to any other person I’ve already been with. What I want to find, is someone who can make me laugh, not my cheesy laugh I do to make the quiet disappear, but an actual laugh that makes my whole heart happy. I want someone who will find all of my little interests, interesting. I really love documentaries, finding someone who does too would be great. I love to be outdoors, climbing and exploring the most beautiful of places. Having a sidekick for that would be a blessing. I am so obsessed with good food, someone who has the same taste as I do would also be a wonderful thing to come across. While I have found someone who matched my interests 100% before, we could not grow together as we should be able too and we fell apart. Regardless, it is very possible to find your soul twin, that person who harbors the same thoughts and feelings as you do, the same inner strengths and capabilities as you do. I am amazed by the love you can achieve when you find this person. All it takes it time, and hardly any effort is needed because what is meant to be, will be. I am ready for what is ahead of me, I am holding back no more. I am who am, and will accept love when it returns to me.